LINE-UP 2022 | Eclectic and fresh


The Montrealer emerges today with a second chapter released on April 22 2022. The eleven tracks that make up Depuis is the narrative of everything that has happened since the release of Premier juin. Impossible to label, the album is a teeming mix of autobiographical references and emancipatory adventures that deal with the vertigo of identity by taking refuge in history and mythological poetry. In the spirit of a satirical alternative pop, we find new declensions of the disco era converted into an inventive harmonic richness with an overflowing energy. With Blaise Borboën-Léonard as producer, Depuis reflects Lydia’s universe without half measures and crosses the times by identifying with the new generation, without being in rupture with the previous ones. The doors of success are opening wide for this fragile yet assertive voice of Quebec song; let’s bet that one day soon, we’ll be able to spell her name correctly.

Festival FOCUS | Lydia Képinski


The Breastfeeders are a Montreal rock ‘n’ roll war machine, and have been setting the stages of Quebec and beyond on fire for nearly 20 years. From the beginning, the garage rock sextet has been noticed for its electrifying and effective performances. Although the band has been quiet for the past few years – time to build other empires, heal the wounded and tighten the troops – we’ve seen them in action a few times, alone or sharing the stage with other rock ‘n’ roll legends like the Sonics or the MC5. Over the years, the band has taken their heavy artillery to major North American cities and across the Atlantic, breaking everything in their path, including the language barrier.
In addition to distinguishing themselves on stage with their gleaming guitars and catchy choruses, Les Breastfeeders handle the pen like few French-speaking rockers can. With their nocturnal poetry and sustained lyrics, the band will make you dance while questioning the great questions of life.

Festival FOCUS | Les Breastfeeders


It’s impossible to stay calm during a Choses Sauvages show. The band, led by the incandescent Félix Bélisle, makes it a mission to set any stage on fire. Those who have attended a concert of the Montreal quintet can confirm this. The show for their new album, Choses Sauvages II, takes the energy up a level. Fans will be treated to an electrifying, heart-pounding show that is more danceable than ever. First-timers beware: Put down your beer, take off a piece of clothing and dare to crowd surf.



Did you miss him? We did too! He’s rising like a phoenix of love on stage.
Joined by his finest glitter and his druids of love for an evening under the signs of the gods, nature and universal love ; come and awaken to the unique sound mixed with 90s influences (among others : boy band pop, queb ballad, trance and nu-metal) of Gab Paquet.



Electro pop Francophone, Montréal

DJ and producer recognized since the early 2000s in Quebec, Arthur Gaumont-Marchand, aka Robert Robert is inspired by life, his life, those of his friends and condenses his last 10 years through his latest album, 100% francophone, called “Silicone Villeray”. The sound and the writing breathe life, transform the gloomy into joyful, the ugly into light, here is a Robert Robert at his best, supported by the exceptional touches of CRI, the arrangements and the co-writing of Hubert Lenoir, among others. The mix is magical, earning him nominations all over the place and participation in numerous festivals in Quebec (Francos de Montréal, Festival La Noce, le Festif de Baie-saint-Paul, FME, FEQ, etc.)



Coming from 9 years of Jazz conservatory in Aix-En-Provence, Emmanuel Alias landed in Quebec in 2014, working on soundtrack projects for various HBO productions (Big Little Lies, Sharp Project). Alias is a busy artist as he works for a number of Cirque du Soleil productions but also on several albums released by Musique Nomade for Anachnid and Oji-Crie. In parallel to all this, Alias continues to explore genres with a plethora of Punk or Hip Hop projects, under different names, but this last one rather Psych Rock, Smooth, Fuzz, and new space exploration of the Far-west, will certainly not leave you cold.

Festival FOCUS | ALIAS


An engaging, yet somewhat detached young man, Gab Bouchard grew up in Saint-Prime, surrounded by some of Lac-Saint-Jean’s legends (his father, a killer drummer named Pierre Bouchard, had a covers band with Noël Fortin), who exposed him to music from day one. He taught himself guitar at the tender age of six and began writing songs on a daily basis around 10 years old. He released Cerveau-lent, a country-rock debut EP, at the beginning of his adult life. Later on, he laid the foundation for his career by moving to Montreal and competing in the Francouvertes. He then spent a vast portion of 2018 and 2019 in the studio, working on his full-length debut with friend and producer Olivier Langevin. Released in February 2020, Gab Bouchard’s debut is the detailed account of a breakup. The concept album takes the listener through all the stages of this universal pain that won’t kill you but will certainly derail you for awhile.

Festival FOCUS | Gab Bouchard


Ariane Roy, crowned Révélation Radio-Canada 2021-2022, is a young singer-songwriter from Quebec City.She plays with uninhibited alternative pop melodies, carried by the richness of her lyrics and a voice of astonishing maturity. She relies on spontaneity and contrasts, both in her songs and on stage while performing.
In March 2020, the artist independently released her first EP – Avalanche (n.f) and won a nomination in the EP Pop category at the alternative Gala of Independent music of Québec (GAMIQ). In october 2020, the finalist for Francouvertes 2020 unveils her song Ta main, accompanied by a first music video directed by Adrian Villagomez. This video won her the Jury Prize during the first music video tournament of the Rendez-vous Québec Cinema, gave her first nomination at the ADISQ gala in the category Video of the year in addition to being nominated for Prix de la chanson SOCAN for the song. In 2021, she won the 2021 Slaight Music Emerging Songwriter Award, presented by the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. Her first official album, medium plaisir, was released on February 11th 2022 under the label La maison fauve.

Festival FOCUS | Ariane Roy


Heavy blues

Jerky like whiplash, dirty as grease and hot as the desert, « Dirty Deep » will mark you like a red-hot iron Now, as a trio, they’re driving France wild with their modern juke-joint blues, which is faithful to tradition yet grungy; The effect is something between dance and shock-therapy.



Country folk

Yesterday’s Ring is a country-folk band from Montreal founded in 2000 in Memphis, Tennessee, by singer Hugo Mudie, guitarist Fred Jacques and guitarist Louis Valiquette. From 2000 to 2009, Yesterday’s Ring released 4 albums and 2 EPs and went on tour many times all across the globe (when the Sainte Catherines’ busy schedule allowed it). The band split in 2010 and it is during the 2020 pandemic that Fred and Hugo met again to record a cover of a Steve Earle song as a gift for the 40th birthday of a friend. Louis joined them afterwards and the result is a new album called Goodbye Nightlife.

Festival FOCUS | Yesterday's Ring


Country folk bluegrass

A show filled with humor that will make you relive great folk country hits from the 1930s to today. With the focus on vocal harmonies, the five musicians will share with you the pleasure and complicity they have had on stage for more than 10 years.



Pop rock niché

Malaimé Soleil is a hot storm, the manifest of a free electron inspired by his own experiences. In his presence, pop and amazing rock burst into the dimmed rooms of the province. The Estrio-Maskoutain project is composed of four members who make music freely, following their desires, by passion, pleasure and desire to share. The music and words of Malaimé always find their place in the ear. After the Eps Tranquille et Fumée, and winner of the jury’s choice in the finals of the Cabaret Festif! de Baie St-Paul, the group continues its progression and is in the process of producing a first full-length.

Festival FOCUS | Malaimé Soleil


psychédélique rock francophone, Québec

Francophone psychedelic rock from Quebec. The project, Les Lunatiques is composed of accomplished and recognized musicians from Quebec City and is the irrefutable proof that it is good to be mixed and creative. Discover their psychedelic rock and garage francophone universe between Brigitte Bardot and the Breastfeeder.

Festival FOCUS | Les Lunatiques


Rock’n folk festif

Trace d’Ours is the smell of the boreal tree, it’s a little beer on the edge of a campfire, texts written on the edge of the lake and festive Rock&Folk music as you wish! An artistic project from here, to discover or rediscover, on the Butterfly stage of the FOCUS Festival, as a closing event on a beautiful Sunday in September.

Festival FOCUS | Trace d'Ours


Mix Rétro – Rock n’roll – Électro

Known under the banners of the bands Jesus les filles or IDALG (Il Danse Avec Les Genoux), YUKI has been hosting Montreal parties for quite some time in various well known taverns (Quai des Brumes, Escogriffe, etc.) Invited for the second edition of the Focus Festival, she will fire up the tracks and make the crowd dance from her perch between set changes to shake the mountain.

Festival FOCUS | Yuki


DJ set et radio show

The music talk show hosted by Jertrude Battue and Stefane Carocchia between humor, music, criticism, guests and casualness joins us for a live DJ set and a live program with interviews between shows

Festival FOCUS | la Paire d'Écouteurs