2024 LINE-UP

Sunday 1st september

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photo artist Karkwa (rock) sunday line-up artist
Jesse Mac Cormack line up of sunday
Petit Pied,  pop song_sunday 1st september 2024 at Festival FOCUS
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KARKWA, rock

After more than 12 years of waiting, Karkwa are finally back on stage. Those who have already seen them know what to expect: an electrifying show, a captivating and unforgettable sonic experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to be transported once again into their boldly arranged alternative rock musical universe, and to celebrate Karkwa’s renewed energy in full force. Get ready for an evening that will leave you speechless.

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Jesse Mac Cormack, indie-electronic-pop art rock

Jesse Mac Cormack is finally beginning to grasp the true meaning of his music. His second studio album is as piercing as a glance, as tender as a goodbye. It’s a collection of electronic songs that swell and break like waves on a shore. The recording process was by turns enriching, peaceful, solitary and anxiety-provoking. Time, distance and therapy enabled the Montreal songwriter to finally understand everything he wanted to express.
SOLO was created in May 2022.
Stemming from this latest record is a recently announced EP entitled SOLO_2. A 3-song work composed of reinvented tracks from the original album: NFHN_2, A&E_2 and Blue World_2. “The idea of doing alternative versions of the songs that were on SOLO came about after performing my album launch at the Phi Centre in Montreal last spring,” says Jesse. “Playing the songs live made me want to move into a more electronic musical vibe and dynamism to experiment with a different energy on stage.”

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PETIT PIED, pop songs

Petit Pied writes songs that blend different genres without ever losing their way. He reveals his experience and sensitivity through a style all his own, blending poetry, rap and song. Petit Pied is a music that mutates, yet remains luminous, inhabited and unsubdued.


On the free market

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photo Sam Harvey (afro house) artist of the free market acces li-up for all the weekend
photo Steamboat Woodie (country folk) artiste market Satursday line-up
photo artiste à venir artiste de la programmation du vendredi sur le marché gratuit
photo artiste à venir artiste de la programmation du vendredi sur le marché gratuit
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SAM HARVEY, afro house

all the weekend

Samuel Harvey is a DJ and music producer who has created a bridge between the musical traditions of Quebec and the bewitching rhythms of Afro house. With an innate passion for music and a keen ear for new trends, Samuel has developed a unique style that deftly blends the sounds of his native land with the dynamic influences of Africa. By combining the two genres, Sam Harvey doesn’t just mix tracks; he creates a true cultural fusion. His sets are a musical journey where iconic Quebec artists rub shoulders with energizing Afro house beats, transforming each performance into a unique sensory experience.


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STEAMBOAT WOODY, country folk


Steamboat Woody is a banjo player whose music, blending bluegrass and punkrock influences, tells stories of love and times gone by, with an energy and rhythm that makes his audience dance and tap their feet.
Sitting on his suitcase, banjo in hand, percussion on his feet and harmonica under his beard, Steamboat Woody has made the streets of old Quebec his favorite playground for several years.

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