NFPO Focus fest

NFPO Focus fest | Who are we ?

Created in 2021, the L’OBNL Focus Festival was founded by Julie and Brice, after having fallen in love with the town of Saint Adolphe d’Howard for its natural resources between lakes and mountains. They decided to take on this project, creating this event to highlights the beauty this unique town has to offer.

Jacques and Sylvie (members of the municipal counsel), joined the team and started the foundation to create the FOCUS FESTIVAL as a non-profit organization.

NFPO’s principals are based on creating an eco-responsible event, close to nature and encouraging local economy. Social integration is at the forefront of this endeavour and creating local partnerships with organisations such as Action Travail and Musicothérapie are important to their cause. Extra benefits raised by the festival are returned to the organisation affiliated with musicothéraphie via NFPO MusiqThé who advises and supports the festival.

MusiqThé International created in 2017, organizes Le Weekend Blues International of Montreal and serves as an administrator and/or counsel to the FOCUS festival.

Our Mission


Since it’s inauguration, the FOCUS festival is vested in adopting ecological and social responsible green practices.

From conception to creation, we refurbish and reuse materials to create a unique décor and ambiance. Seventy-five percent of our materials are provided from the Saint-Adophe-d’Howard Eco-centre and can be reinvented year after year. On site we encourage our patrons to be sensible to our credo and implement concrete actions for recycling and waste separation during the festival.

We also encourage all our partners and vendors to use compostable packaging, glassware that is on consignment, and reusable bags for the festival to reduce our footprint.

Moreover, we seek out local partnerships, encourage local purchases and housing within proximity to the festival where guests can walk, bike or carpool.


The FOCUS festival is invested in the community and gives equal opportunity for special needs persons to have a unique work experience at the festival.

With this in mind, our FOCUS festival is affiliated with an organisation in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts that provides workers to assemble most of the wood obstacles and games available for the patrons of the festival to enjoy.

One of the main goals of this team is to reinforce the GREEN INITIATIVE, by helping with the separation of waste during the festival.

The money redeemed from the collection of recyclable cans and bottles will help finance the creation of wooden games for the coming the coming year.

Des bénévoles dont ceux venus grâce à notre partenariat avec Inter-Action Travail